DomestiCare provides affordable, premium healthcare solutions for tea ladies, cleaners, maintenance and other low-income staff members.

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What is Momentum DomestiCare?

Momentum DomestiCare is a premium, private healthcare product available to South African domestics working in households and small to medium-sized businesses.

DomestiCare gives domestic workers access to private doctors and clinics in their neighbourhood or surrounding areas, including visits to general practitioners (GPs), pathologists, radiologists, dentists, optometrists and more, as well as providing certain maternity and HIV benefits.

Both the employer and employee benefit from DomestiCare.

It’s a great option from the domestic worker’s perspective, as it means no more waiting for hours in queues to see doctors at state facilities and no more inconvenient, expensive travelling.

DomestiCare also provides peace-of-mind to employers who know the impact a sick domestic worker can have on their business or home, preventing the spreading of illnesses and infections to other employees and children, reducing the amount of time taken off from work to recover and eliminating the need to hire expensive temporary staff.

How is such affordable healthcare possible?

DomestiCare is an occupational health solution offered through the private medical practitioners of the CareCross Health Group, the largest national network of GPs, radiologists and pathologists who embrace the concept of affordable healthcare.

This means that radiology and pathology tests, if requested by the GP, are covered as well as acute medication required for treating, for example, short-term illnesses.

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What are the benefits?

Domestic worker and child The key benefits include:
  • Unlimited visits to a private GP, from the CareCross doctor network
  • Acute medication e.g. medicine prescribed by your CareCross GP to treat a short- term illness
  • Pathology (blood tests) and radiology (x-ray tests) if referred by your CareCross GP
  • Optometry and dentistry visits with DomestiCare Plus option
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From domestic worker to industry pioneer

Lindiwe Shibambo, Maid4U success story

DomestiCare endorsed by Award Winning agency Maid4U

Lindiwe Shibambo is a highly successful Gauteng business women and founder of Maid4U, domestic worker placement agency.

Lindiwe herself worked as a domestic worker to finance her studies and feels this experience is key to the success of her agency. As a working mother she knows the value of reliable domestic help and having worked, as a domestic worker knows the challenges you can face.

Lindiwe feels passionately about DomestiCare and offers this to all her clients. “DomestiCare is a highly affordable quality product that provides peace of mind for both employees and employer. Every domestic worker should have DomestiCare”.

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