Q: What is the difference between acute and chronic medication?
A: Acute medication is medicine like antibiotics that you need to take for a few days only. Chronic medication is medicine that you need to take daily on an ongoing basis (there is no benefit for chronic medication on either DomestiCare or DomestiCare Plus).

Q: What happens if I need acute medication?
A: Your GP can prescribe medicine for you from a list of approved medicines called a formulary. Your GP will either dispense the medicine to you after your consultation, or give you a prescription that you can take to a pharmacy to get your medicine. You can go to any pharmacy, but we suggest you go to a Dis-Chem, Clicks, Pick ‘n Pay or MediRite (Checkers) pharmacy, as the lesser known pharmacies might charge an extra fee which you will have to pay.

Q: Can I use my DomestiCare card to buy medicines directly from the pharmacy?
A: No, there is no over the counter benefit available.

Q: What are my dental benefits on DomestiCare Plus?
A: You may visit any dentist on the dental network. You have benefits for basic dentistry, such as fillings, extractions, infection control and cleaning and polishing of teeth. The dentist will send the account to us for payment. Specialised dentistry, such as bridges and crowns, is not covered. If a specific dental procedure is not covered, the dentist will let you know and you will need to pay for it from your own pocket.

Q: What are my optometry benefits on DomestiCare Plus?
A: You may visit any optometrist on the optical network. The optometrist will test your eyes and tell you if you need glasses. If your eye test shows a reading of more than 0.5, the optometrist will show you which frames you can choose from. If your eye test shows that you do not need glasses (a reading of less than 0.5), the optometrist will send us the account for the visit only. You will have cover for one eye test and one pair of clear standard single vision lenses or one pair of bi-focal lenses, with a standard frame, every 2 years. The optometrist will send the account to us for payment. We do not cover sunglasses, tinted lenses and contact lenses.

Q: What if I need to visit a specialist?
A: There is no specialist benefit available on either DomestiCare or DomestiCare Plus.

Q: What do I do if I need to have blood tests or x-rays?
A: Your network GP may also send you for basic blood tests and black-and-white x-rays. We will pay the account if the GP is on the GP network and if the blood tests or x-rays you have done are on the approved list.


Q: What is a Domestic Worker?
A: The Domestic Workers Act applies to all employees in South Africa who work as domestics, drivers/chauffeers, housekeepers, cooks/chefs, gardeners, child minders (including drivers of children) or those who look after the sick, aged or disabled in private homes. An au-pair who is employed by you and who is not covered by another medical scheme is also eligible for DomestiCare cover.

Q: How secure is my online purchase?
A: DomestiCare hosts the checkout and payment pages on a secure web page. The "https" web address on the address line indicates that the page has a unique Security Socket Layer (SSL) encryption (128-bit data encryption) and the security certificate is issued by Thawte, the leading web security company in the world. On the secure https webpage under File/Properties/Certificates, the Thawte® Trusted Site Seal is displayed. The online payment is done via PayGate which is the leading online payment system in South Africa for electronic transactions via the internet. Further online payment security is enhanced through 3D security where the cardholder will be required to enter a one-time pin or password in order to transact. If you want more information on 3D Secure, please see the official MasterCard SecureCode and Verified-by-VISA websites.

Q: Who do I speak to if I want more information about DomestiCare?
A: You can call the DomestiCare client contact centre on 0860 10 34 91.